2014 Whitetails of Oklahoma Convention



2014 Whitetails of Oklahoma Convention

Jan 31st & Feb 1st, 2014


Convention Location:

Clarion Hotel-Broken Arrow Banquet Room

2600 N Aspen Avenue

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Reservations: 918-258-7085

Room Rate: $69.00/night plus tax (King or 2 Full)

Convention Schedule:

Friday January 31st:

8 a.m. – Doors Open

8 a.m.-4 p.m. – Booth Setups

4:30 -??? – Meet & Greet-Happy Hours

Saturday February 1st:

8 a.m. – Doors Open

8-9 a.m. – Registration & Member Renewals

8-10 a.m. – Booth Setup & Visitation

10-10:45 a.m. – Vendor Promotions

10:45-11 a.m. – Break

11-12 p.m. – Dr. Harry Jacobson

12-1 p.m. – Lunch

1-3 p.m. – Live Auction & Consignment Sale

Registration, Membership & Renewal Fees:

Convention Registrations:

Children age 10 & under are FREE!

$20 Single Registration & Meal

$35 Double Registration & Meal

$10 Children ages 11-17




Bids can be made by phone. Notify a Board Member of your interest in any item. You will be contacted when that item is selling OR feel free to place your bid next to the donation of preference on our Whitetails of Oklahoma Facebook page.

(1)-Ton of Record Rack Breeder Deer Feed from Cargill Feeds

(1)-Ton of Max Rax Deer Feed from Mid America Feeds in Talala, OK

(1)-Ton of Deer Feed-Tim Condict Recipe Deer Pellet

(1)-2 Man Hog Hunt for 1 Day w/No Mercy Hunting Services in Gracemont, OK-1 Hog Per Hunter (Includes Guiding & Transportation on Ranch)-www.nomercyhunting.com

(1)-Wild Hog Hunt at the Triple S Wildlife Ranch & Resort in Calvin, OK

(1)-Combo Booth Space & Auction Catalog Ad for Chupp's Premier Whitetail Auction 2014

(1)-Free Ad Space w/Choice Location in Whitetails of Oklahoma Newsletter (3 Issues)--(Excludes Front or Back Cover & Centerfold)

(1)-Custom Pair of Men's or Women's Nocona Boots from the Nocona Boot Company

(1)-Antler Cut Off Repair & Assembly on Skull Plate by Trophy Rack Reproductions

(1)-Carson 10x42 Waterproof Binoculars w/Case

(1)-Pneu Dart Model 190B Air Pistol-Pump Action-Shoots Type 'P' Darts

(1)-Complete Fawn Care Kit

(1)-Whitetail Guide Volume 9

(1)-Women's Gift Basket-Bath & Body

(1)-Women's Gift Basket-Nail & Spa

(1)-Choice 2014 Doe Fawn from either Cowboy/Thance Doe or Cowboy/Okie Doe - If no doe fawn is born, you will receive 1 Straw of Cowboy. (Straw not eligible for Cowboy Shootout.)-Rockin R Whitetails

(1)-$500 Farm Credit-Good towards any purchase off the farm @ Klicks Whitetails or Buck Run Whitetail Farms (Purchase both Farm Credits for $1000 toward a combined purchase at either Farm.)

(1)-$500 Farm Credit-Good towards any purchase off the farm @ Buck Run Whitetail Farms or Klicks Whitetails (Purchase both Farm Credits for $1000 toward a combined purchase at either Farm.)

(8)-330ft Rolls of Max-Loc 8' High Tensil Game Fence-www.okbrandwire.com

(1)-HB Hunting Products Heavy Duty Treat Rack- 8' Long Steel Trough Feeder-16"W x 4"D x 20"H-Holds 100lbs of Feed-www.hbhuntingproducts.com

(1)-Pit Rick Campfire Ring w/Adjustable Cooking Grate-32" Diameter x 17" Deep

(1)-Scented Candle in Jar

(1)-Gift Basket-Hudson Select

(4)-Gallons of Garland Trophy Rak 20 Liquid Top Dress

(1)-45lb. Box of Zoologic Doe Milk Replacer

(1)-Iowa Whitetail Deer Association 2014 Membership

(3)-DNA Solutions Free Parentage Verification Certificates


(1)-Straw of Maxbo Express (Maxbo/Maxin/Flees Magnum - DNAS #70631)

(1)-Straw of Maximus CR (Max/Blue 37 - DNAS #3299)

(1)-Straw of X-Factor (Rolex/Blue Mtn Bill/Crab King - DNAS #18805)

(1)-Straw of Choice 2014 Yearling off Rockstar Whitetails Farm (Over 60 Yearlings to choose from.)

(1)-Straw of Hard Times (Hardcore/Maxbo 727/Texas Sam - DNAS #115398)

(1)-Straw of Hardcore Flame Direct off the farm. ($2000 Value) (Hardcore/Soaring Eagle/Thunder - DNAS #105126)

(1)-Straw of Hardwood 422" @ 3yr (Hardcore/Lonewood/Sunny - DNAS #112488)

(1)-Choice Straw of Semen-Upgrade 403" @ 4yr (Maxbo XL/Maxin/Flees Magnum - DNAS #33173) or Fast Ball 369" @ 4yr (Powerball/GB Geronimax/Loner - DNAS #101766) from Rocky Ridge Whitetails

(1)-Choice Straw of Semen-Poncho Ranger 270" @ 3yr w/28" IS (Maxbo Ranger/BJ2/Poncho - DNAS #110374) or Lucky Ranger 293" @ 3yr w/30" Beams & 25" IS (Maxbo Ranger/Flees Buddy - DNAS #105816) or The Kid (Cardiac Kid/PA Geronimo/Bucky - DNAS #126492)

(1)-Straw of Special Agent (Free Agent/Lonewood - DNAS #123857)

(1)-Straw of Fear Factor (Rolex/Silverhawk/Thunder - DNAS #19488)

(1)-Straw of Fear Factor (Rolex/Silverhawk/Thunder - DNAS #19488)

(1)-Straw of Rockstar Whitetails 144A 296" @ 2yr  (Gladiator II/727 Jr.)



(1)-2013 Doe Fawn (Black Gold/Texas Tea/Sundowner)-Short Creek Whitetails

(1)-2013 Doe Fawn (Hardroller/Danger/Maxbo XL/Flees Harry)-Cougar Ridge Whitetails

(1)-2013 Doe Fawn (Cage/Chance/PA Geronimo)-Big Daddy's Deer Farm

(1)-2013 Doe Fawn (Ransom/Route 66/Peach) Bred to Maxbo Joe-Tulsa View Whitetails

(1)-2013 Doe Fawn (Maximus CR/Maxin XL)-Bent Pine Ranch

(1)-2013 Doe Fawn (Chamberlain/Peacock/B22)-Wallahachie Whitetails

(1)-2013 Doe Fawn (Ramped Up - DNAS #113942 / Shakira - DNAS #133817)-Big Creek Whitetails

(1)-2013 Doe Fawn (Killer/Drifter)-Skogee Game Farm

(1)-Open Doe (Rancher/Bodacious)-Cloudy Creek Whitetails

(1)-2012 Dillinger/Victor Doe - DNAS #119594 Bred to Duke 274" @ 2yr (Rampage/Holly - DNAS #130211)- Lazy "T" Whitetails

(1)-2nd Choice Yearling Breeder Buck Off Double T Whitetail Ranch to be used to breed a maximum of 10 does on your farm, approx 20 Yearlings to choose from. You can also draw semen 1 time. Most yearlings will be 1/2 Texas genetics. Buck will return to Double T Whitetail Ranch in Feb 2015.

(1)-150" Class Shooter Buck w/Upgrade Option-Buck can be upgrade on farm @ $500 per 10" Class up to 180" Class-Armstrong Whitetails






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